Sunday, 28 August 2016

Recognition and Motivation: Where it is needed the most

At a time when everyone is concerned in today’s times only with the achievers - be it Medals at Olympics, top 1 percentile at IIMs or Funding rounds at Startups. It is important to remember the others in the race too. In context of schooling particularly be it the teacher or the parent, we tend to focus only on the scholars and motivating them to attain Rank 1 without looking at the average student who has potential too, works hard to retain his position or gain some points in the race. There are several awards and scholarships based solely on merit and financial need, we believe it is important to have an award based on - result improvement, dedicated hard work and strong values. (quantifiable via exam result data and final selection by a brief interview of shortlisted students) As part of Project Swadesh, we will be encouraging students and rewarding those who otherwise are treated as “Average” / “Middle of the class”, recognizing their effort and motivating them to keep at it!

In Association with: PO Box Trust

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