Monday, 4 April 2016

The world in Disguise!

Hey been long apart bloggers!!!

Trying to get through high waves..

The world in Disguise, Do correct me and comment in reviews, if you feel i have written wrong. Why i feel the world in disguise? Is it inside me or the way the world actually is or the way i started noticing people..

After analyzing thoroughly, i decided to shape my feelings into words. It is not just perception, but i am looking forward an interpersonal communication. Is that only me that feels and looks what is happening around or just am rebellious.

There are few questions:

why we cant be what we are or present what we are?
why we have to care about our near and dear ones before talking or saying something?
why we just cant be us?
we are democratically free but why we are still bound in the threads of religion?
why we just cant be loyal to our loved ones or to the one who loves us in any manner?
why in this world we are involved in materialistic things rather than the one who soothes our soul?
why we always hide something from someone?

Believe me, this "why" have ruined many lives and shaping the future in every terms.

We all live in disguise, I accept; i do, but i will not deny that everyone of us; lives by a mask..

To be socially accepted and socially respected..
We all are just a normal part of nature and our desires and demands have created an havoc in the society..
We all are running after something; though we know that this soul will leave us one day.
We rebel, we demand peace, we even submit ourselves to the forces..
but we all are not, what we always meant to be..

we all are living in disguise, telling lies to the loved ones, denying what our heart says, doing what our needs demand and favoring wrong, so that somebody can't get hurt..

We strive to find inner peace through meditation, going to divine places, seeing the false lies at night, comforting ourselves with the things that mind creates, bragging and speaking about what is good for our future and humanity.. but put a hand over your heart.. are we the same? or we just pretend to be the one?

It is the harsh truth that we cant forget our soul because there is something inside that is running your physical attire.. we cant deny it..

its not our mind or heart that just tends to work.. its our soul that runs us..

we do take responsibilities, we do change, but our desires stays with us.
we can attain divinity.. we can achieve our enlightenment, but not through the paths that others followed.. it will be achieved by the one that we will make for ourself..

This world is in disguise because we have our idols in our heart.. We all don't want to be an idol but following one; is always taught to us.. we all get motivated after listening to someone's thoughts and desire to achieve or attain that level.. and we all forgot our dreams that we grew up with in search of prosperity and respect. Because no one wants to be a rebel..

yes i am the same like all of us are; but now i have chosen to walk on the path of enlightenment that my heart has decided.. I am creative sources.. I am the one that will put his marks behind if i succeeded.. otherwise i will be the same like all of us.. The One's in Disguise..

Ashish chugh
waiting for comments and replies 

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