Sunday, 10 April 2016

⁠⁠⁠Accepted and cherished with no more tears!!

Memories of that evening are still vivid. I realised another truth of life, when my pet "cutie" was missing from the bunch of orchids at the main corridor of my place. He went missing in a very mysterious way. Of course! Cutie was the cutest thing that happened to me after my daddy passed away and to bring stability to my life was gifted by my nears and dears. So furry and beautiful little creature; Tearing papers, clothes, lather and eating maggi, cucumber, and wheat were few of his favourite activities. A soul mean being able to feel love, affection, emotions, tenderness and Sentiments. I missed a soul with whom I can share, weep and laugh without any second thought and contradictions in my mind. With no results and solutions after putting so many efforts to find him at every possible place, my heart stopped beating for few minutes and came to my throat. My pet was gone!! Like forever. Felt like huge part of my life is gone and I was the only culprit. I should have looked upon him... he was my responsibility!! Regrets. The mischievous smile of orchids was killing me deep inside. Sometimes situations make you disable to understand the reality of life. You forget how to react to such circumstances and mortify your feeling...alas!!

But here comes the twist when a sudden power hit my mind very strongly! The very next day, I wake up early morning. Wrapped his blanket, made his favourite Maggi, tasted it with a big smile and little tears in my eyes!! Finally I can see crystal clear that he had to go. I have to be brave and tough to face upcoming hurdles and obstacles of my beautiful life given by the supreme. Life is a circle where nature nourishes you and you cannot challenge it. May be not for yourself, but you have to live for people who loves you, cares for you. Remember! There is always someone who loves you more than you can imagine. Love for my pet is immortal, but if nature gifted you something, it has full right and perfect time to take it back. Acceptance and Positivity will lead you throughout the situation. Belongings and connections are made in heaven. “Love is the biggest Truth" May be connection with another divine and beautiful soul is awaited!! 

- Candy Sandhu- Creative Sources
 In the Memory of  "Cutie"
God bless his soul and the world 

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