Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The night that changed everything!!

Greetings Bloggers!!!

My friend wrote something for us!!

wanted me to share, so lets see how much depth he got in his words. Its a kind of story. the writer is Aviyansh!!

forgive me but its some kind of sentimental and his words are trying to explain his broken heart.

The Night That changed everything

A night came in my life, i was wondering that how it could happen. I sow the seed for a beneficial fruit but how come when the fruits reaped, someone just plucked it? I crave to god..

I craved before also but at that time I gave my fruit to someone else so that he could get rid of his hunger..
but now the scenario was something else. I sow it with love, spent a whole life time, that plant could grew into a tree, could provide me shed n i will be fortunate when flowers on it could reap into fruits.

This was a stormy night. The gardener itself got thug by some scavenger who was having his eyes all years along, just to enjoy the fruits.

The gardener gardened it for 5 years, he even protected it from ravens by denying to sleep, he never dared to put a scare crow because plant might get scared of it. He was so in fond of that plant that he spent his days and night about thinking how to just protect it.

A day came when all of his efforts seems to get resulted into.. the flower blossomed.. the gardener was so happy.. but who knows the scavenger is having his eyes upon..

As days goes by, the fruits started getting into shape. All that mattered to plant is watering and protection but the gardener who sowed the plant and protected it day and night, never mattered. The plant was meant to grow into tree and produce fruits untouched of the affection and thoughtless about the scavenger.

A night came, it was stormy, thundering clouds, the scavenger came out of shadows, Plucked the fruit.. enjoyed the taste ever since. the fruit was meant to deliver its taste. But all what matters is who must be the first.. the scavenger or the gardener that have planted the tree..

people do say the destiny decides, but I am the gardener, And Plant was my everything..

Aviyansh Arora.


Hey guys..

do uh like it?

I found it touching.. The guy is really heart broken.. i think got hurt deep inside.. Aviyansh never mentioned her name but lets see if she could read it and understand the thoughts what he wants to say.. But truly he has written a beautiful piece of his thoughts.. We pray Aviyansh could get what he desired of. God bless love...


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