Monday, 14 March 2016

Wedding decorations at personal venues: A timeline

Wedding Decoration At Personal Venues
 - Ashish chugh, Creative Sources

Wedding decorations is one of the most vital parts for hosting weddings. It provides a soul to the wedding and sets the mood of this beautiful event. Wedding is the most memorable day for the bride and the groom and beautiful decorations serves as an add-on to the memory for the couple and the guests. These days many brides and grooms prefer to set the taste of the decorations according to themselves only. Though this can be good for them but sometimes it proves to be a very stressful part for this occasion, if it is not prepared carefully. So we are providing you a general timeline for preparing it step by step.
First thing is to do is setting the budget of the event. According to the wedding planners decorations must not be more than 15% of the total budget of the wedding so always try to get it below the provided budget. So, Rather than expensive decorations we can look after some more cheap yet beautiful alternatives for that.
After setting up the budget the couples should look after the theme of the wedding. By this time couples would have already booked the venue so this is the time to decide the color scheme. For this purpose one should look after wedding magazines and choose the best colors according to the season. You should also go to the florist to discuss about the varied options and fit them according to the budget.
After setting up the color scheme couples have to visit the market and purchase the components. Everybody knows that girls love shopping and so they are very good at bargaining. So take bride along and compare the market prices before purchasing the necessary elements.
Now, it’s the time for the decoration and cross check the inventory. After checking the inventory one should locate the sites to place our decoration materials. After that gather the volunteers and take help of them to start decorating.
At the day of wedding, now the couples don’t have to worry about decorations. They can stay stress free and enjoy the day to make it more memorable even.  

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