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The Country in Golden Wrapping!!

India, As always renowned for- The Golden Sparrow, Land Of Opportunities, The land of Unity in Diversity, The Worlds Largest Democracy and Much more. Yes, We agree with all those taglines given to our country and we the people of India are proud of being Indian only when our National Anthem is played somewhere, where not expected, We are proud when an Indian achieve something outside our lands or when our sports team achieve something.

The Harsh Reality that everybody needs to understand and face is that We are proud of our army and many other aspects but internally, we always feel that there is the lack of opportunities in our country. No nation is perfect unless its citizens are perfect. It might offend you in many ways but all of us need to understand that if we are not good citizens then we have no right to blame our society, state or country.

After researching over thousands of aspects and taking a long break off, we felt to write a blog about what's the real problem that we have to work upon. The title " The Country in Golden Wrapping" is given to this blog because A well-wrapped gift is presentable but it is not necessary the gift it holds inside soothes to the gifted one.

Let's have a look what we are lacking:

1. Generation Gap

2. Respect for what we have

3. Superstition

4. Education and Unemployment

5. Corruption

6. Idol worship

7. Self-called gods

8. Ego Problem

9. Poverty

10. Political topology

11. Caste Problem

12. Lack Of Resources

13. Miscellaneous

These are the few aspects that made our country a poor gift in a golden wrapping. Let's discuss them one by one. We might not be able to discuss all of them in once and most of them are debatable topics. We are just putting forward our thinking and trying not to hurt the feelings of any being or offend them in any way.

1, Generation Gap: The biggest problem that our country is getting along with is Generation Gap. According to the survey data, India has 70% Youngsters (16-30 age)  but the real fact is far away from this stated survey. The truth is we have the maximum population of people that are above 30 and many of the census reports are faulty because most of these government paid executives are feared of mentioning the reality to these surveyors. The people can get never along with the new ideas and most of the youth is still under the jurisdiction (Forced thinking) either under their parents or the relatives. Youths are forced to think what their elders desire to think them off. This is a kind of brain ceasing and youths lack the independent decision making.

2. Respect for what we have: This is a well-known fact that we never appreciate what we have but we all desire of those that we don't have. We look at people and imitate them as they are doing. I am not blaming only Indians but it's a natural human muscular tendency to repeat what they see. Whatsoever we think of ourselves as Independent, Self-Reliant or the warriors of nature protection but our muscle memory has become so deep that subconsciously we do things that denote that we don't respect what we have.

3. Superstition: This is the biggest problem of Indians, Superstition has drastically infected and affected their lives than any other mental or physical trauma. It's a great barrier to the advancement of an individual and country.

4. Education and Unemployment: This is the saddest part of our country that we got a maximum number of uneducated and unemployed youths. So how can a country grow with the quarter of its population sitting at home and doing nothing at all? The potential youth lacks the opportunities in this country and There is no profit of employing the specifically developed technologically advanced minds in Banking Sector.

5. Corruption: This is not actually a problem but it has been renowned as "Bypass therapy" in Indians to get things done easily.

6. Idol Worship: Yes, We are proud of this thing that we got idols for more than millions of gods. Every god has a responsibility to look after 4-10 people in India. We pray to them and guess everything gets sorted out. Just kidding.

7. Self Made Gods: Traditionally there are millions of gods but they are still less for the craving to worship more, So these self-made gods who actually works as " Mind Washers" are worshiped side by side to those Traditional Millions of them that were already created.

8. Ego Problem: I don't want to mention about this but it's also a serious concern. We Indians don't have acceptance because our ego doesn't allow us to accept the truth.

9. Poverty: We all are well aware that how many of the people still fighting for a single time bread. India scores really good in the malnutrition scores.And BPL is just a name, most of them live a lavish life defaming others that are actually in that category.

10. Political Topology: About 1/3rd of Indians are into politics. The system is so complex that I need to write millions of more words to explain them. Complexity leads to complex systems of problem handling and sorting them out. It is developed in the way that a common voice can't reach to the one, who is interested in listening to it.

11. Caste Problems: India is well divided into castes, It has taken a whole new form with the time, thus making the situation more worst.

12. Lack of Resources: Yes, Believe it or not! we lack resources which result in Brain Drain. Although every year our finance minister carries some briefcase full of papers but believe us, they are just papers to discuss upon, Till the time of Implementation, Indians behaves as STML (Short Term Memory Loss) Patients. We discuss things and then forgets it.

13. Miscellaneous: There are several other problems, I have a full fledged 1500 pages list of that. You ask yourself what are those?

We are writing this blog to tell the truth and We are the not one complaining about all of these but all I want to improve every individual. We can't show you the way to correct them because if you are reading this blog then you are mature enough to understand things and sort them out.


Ashish Chugh


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