Saturday, 12 March 2016

::Creative Sources:: The world is so beautiful & Creative

Idam Jagatam Ati Sundaram
“The World Is So Beautiful and Creative”
-         Ashish chugh, Creative sources                

The mesmerizing beauty and creativity of this Mother Nature is unexplainable for me but I will try my best so that my feelings could be explained into words and I could explain my love towards this nature.

So let’s begin, Rainy Saturday it is and I could breathe the fresh fragrance of the soil as the first drop of rain has touched the ground and shimmering sound of leaves rumbling touched my ear and I got to know that the “Indradeva” is so happy today. Believe me my heart got overwhelmed to see the nature at its best.

My mind got occupied with this quote “Idam Jagatam Ati Sundaram” which means “This world is so beautiful and creative” as where so ever we see there is beauty & creativity and we are well known by this thing that “beauty lies in eyes of beholder”.

Artists always seek for creativity in their surroundings only. Our imagination is always driven by the nature. We should love the creation in order to stay happy and positive for ever. The beauty of the high greens, barren mountains, flowing river, dawn, dusk, Animals, humans, oceans what so ever it is…. it is beautiful and creative…

I wish whole of the life could be spent seeing and enjoying this beautiful nature with acoustic music and a cup of tea.


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